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Nice to meet you! My name is Logan Saley and I am a National Certified Counselor, LMFT Associate and LPC Associate. 

In counseling, I take a systemic approach. This means that I will explore the social systems an individual person is a part of and their influence on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This can include difficulties in attachment, communication, boundaries, or adaptation. I am passionate about relational health particularly the health and functioning of a family unit. This is reflected in my work with couples, families, and children. For families with special needs or dysregulated kids, parental stress can become compounded and influence the dynamic of the entire family. In therapy, the focus is on better communication, healthier attachment, and clearer boundaries. For my child clients, I will take a non-directive approach to play therapy. Children are incredibly perceptive and can use play to express their needs and process their environments. I love working with both couples and children to empower families to reach their fullest potential.

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