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I am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the State of Texas I have been working in the counseling field for 10 years and have grown a deep passion for the helping profession. With my experience, I have worked with clients of all ages from 5 years to elderly adults. I’ve had experience in case management, community mental health, in-patient hospitalizations, outpatient therapy, addictions counseling, grief counseling, mood disorders, behavioral treatment, and etc. 

I love working from a mixture of solutions-based, person centered, and cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach but have the flexibility to use different approaches based off the needs of my clients. My passion overall is helping individuals find balance with life changes, assisting them with the appropriate tools and techniques, and teaching different ways to cope with symptoms of their diagnosis. My goal is to give my clients a safe space to be themselves, a strong therapeutic relationship, and a positive environment where they won’t have a fear of judgement. 

I’m excited to be apart of Mindful Transformations and plan to become a great asset to the team as we work to assist the needs of individuals they navigate through life. 

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