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Life can be tough sometimes. There are times when you just need someone to listen.  Sometimes you need a space to be able to talk openly, without any judgment or fear. The therapy office is your space to be able to process whatever it is that you are facing.  People of all ages are welcome to come and bring their struggles and hurts with them. I am here to help walk with you through this difficult time.       

My name is Jessica Buchner and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Associate.  I have experience working with people as young as 2 years old all the way up to 70.  I have worked with clients who have anxiety, depression, OCD, Autism, and life stage changes.  With kids, teens, and families we can work together through problems at school, behaviorally, with peers, or at home.  Some couples may just need some extra help with learning healthier communication skills or to grow the couple's satisfaction.  Young adults who are dealing with the stress of college or just of life in general as an adult can come and learn to release their worries.  I also offer Christian Counseling.       

As an LMFT-A, my training is focused on clients with a wide background from individuals to couples and families.  However, I do also have specialized training with kids and adolescents.  I genuinely enjoy working with kids and families and helping them learn the necessary coping skills to overcome whatever situation they are dealing with.  The family system can work together on their relationship skills and live happier lives at home.     

For me, to see my clients grow and succeed is what continues to motivate me in this work.  It's important to me that you feel like therapy is focused solely on what you need and want.  We work together to set goals and work through the issues to meet your desired goals.  Reaching out for help can be hard!  The first session is the first step towards creating the change you want in your life.

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