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I am a woman who wears many hats and my life experiences have led to my passion and

career pursuit in counseling. As a sitting professional School Counselor, I support adolescents

to thrive in reaching their fullest potential academically while also addressing their social-

emotional needs. As a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, I have experience as a

Mental Health and Substance Abuse therapist for adults who struggle with the complexities of

addiction and trauma. I am also skilled in providing counseling for grief, anxiety, depression,

premarital, divorce, and families of special needs children.

I am fortunate to be awarded the opportunity through Mindful Transformations to aid others in

navigating through life’s challenges and traumas that can hinder one from showing up in the

world as their best selves. With the collaborative effort of clients, we commit to the therapeutic

process with the use of Person Centered Therapy paired with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Not everything in life is within our control, but I believe that we can foster our inner resilience

while employing researched intervention strategies and theoretical approaches in counseling to

sustain ourselves during the unexpected.​

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